Bruce Smock

ISBN-13: 978-1-945628-43-6

# pages: 141


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“Professor Smock’s book has fulfilled a longstanding need for a comprehensive, compelling textbook that is affordable for students.  It is a great addition to any classroom! “

-Dr. Sandra Massey, Chancellor
Arkansas State University- Newport

Bruce Smock's 12 Paradigms will guide your through Communication simplified. Smock set out to discover the way people talk and developed a simple way to process learning. His experience and the experience of those around him are finely tuned in this book to be applied to all courses.  These 12 paradigms will work regardless of what subject matter is being taught.  You will find this book to be incredibly understandable and practical.

Table of Contents

Paradigm 1 U= Already Talk

Paradigm 2 U= Speak Face-To-Face Immediately

Paradigm 3 U= You

Paradigm 4 U= Speak in a Group

Paradigm 5 U= Cannot Disavow Emotions

Paradigm 6 U= Can Only Talk About What You Know

Paradigm 7 U= Must Use Time Effectively

Paradigm 8 U= Can Miscommunicate

Paradigm 9 U= Must Deal with Interference

Paradigm 10 U= Can Experience Anxiety

Paradigm 11 U= Think Before You Speak

Paradigm 12 U= If It's That Important, Say It, Don't Write It

Special Notes

AACC congratulates the inaugural recipients of the Dale P. Parnell Distinguished Faculty designation. Named in honor of former AACC President and CEO Dale P. Parnell, this designation has been established to recognize individuals making a difference in the classroom.  BRUCE SMOCK – only 50 faculty recognized this year- nationally. 

Nominees for the faculty distinction recognition should:

·         Demonstrate passion for the students and the classroom.

·         Show willingness to support students, inside and outside of the classroom.

·         Be inclined to participate in college committees.

·         Go above and beyond what is required to ensure that students are successful in their academic endeavors.

About the Author(s): Bruce Smock

Bruce Smock has been teaching for twenty-five years in the Arkansas State University-Newport system. He is passionate about teaching. He coordinates Coffee House venues for the university students to have an outlet for their talents. His weekends are spent with his wife, children, and grandchildren at the ranch.

Lori Hutton (Editor) has taught high school and college level English for the past twenty-two years in Arkansas and Oklahoma. A native of Oklahoma, she loves spending time with her husband, Scott and three amazing children: Alexis 15, Aidan 13, and Peyton 7.

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