Grant Goold, Lee Watson

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Table of Contents

How to Properly Use This Tool
What Is In It for Me?
About the Authors

Mental Toughness
Thick Skin
Emotional Intelligence
Building Your Emotional Intelligence Skills
How to Disagree and Not Be Disagreeable
Therapeutic Communication and Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Mental Discipline and Emotional Intelligence
Identifying and Defining the Problem
Compiling Information
Creating Options
Evaluating and Refining Options
Presenting Options for Consideration
Decision Making and Taking Action
Evaluating Outcomes and Regrouping
Power of Positive Thoughts and Feedback
Peer/Cohort Cohesion: Using the Right Glue
Call Out When Bad and Shout Out When Good
How to Handle Education Negativism

Reading and Comprehension
Passive vs. Active Reader
Learning Tools
Read Aloud and Think Aloud
Question and Clarify
Comprehension Builds Retention: Active Reading and KWL
Mind Mapping
Writing Skills
Appropriate Writing Style and Language
Arguments and Fallacies
Scholarly Sources
Academic Integrity
Study Environment (The Do’s and Don’ts)
Effective Group Study/Project Work
Characteristics of a Winning Group
Running a Group

Student Learning Outcomes: What Can I DO in the End?
SLOs and Assessment
Exam Preparation
Preparing for Written Exams
Cramming Is NOT the Answer
Preparing for Skills Exams
Learning Prescriptions
Test Anxiety
Academic Assessment versus Real-World Practice

Student-Life Balance
Time Management
Tools and Strategies
Circadian Rhythms
Tricks of the Trade: Time Management
Money Management
Life After College: Personal Time, Life Balance, and Hobbies
Programs with Experiential Components

Turning EMS Passion into a Paycheck
Non-traditional EMS Opportunities
Advancing Your Education
Leadership and Teamwork
Soft Skills Exercises
Resume and Interview Preparation
Work-Life Balance in EMS
Ethics in EMS

About the Author(s): Grant Goold

Dr. Grant Goold serves as the Department Chair and Program Director of EMS Education at American River College. Dr. Goold has served in the Emergency Medical Services Industry for over 32 years. Dr. Goold received both his MPA and Ed.D from the University of San Francisco. Dr. Goold has served on the Board of Directors of Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District for more than 17 years. He also serves on the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.

Grant currently participates on several statewide career technical education committees charged with developing policies and best practices impacting the largest post-secondary education system in the world—a college system educating over two million students annually. Grant has traveled around the world as an author, educator, and motivational speaker. He has written several books and articles andhas presented at over 150 conferences. He continues to focus his research on improving the learning experiences of career technical education students through the integration of modern educational technologies.

Grant enjoys the restoration of all things “old” and has restored several antique automobiles. He looks forward to becoming the next “American Picker” traveling around the United States looking for his next great project.

Dr. Goold can be contacted at:

K. Lee Watson is the Health & Safety Trainer for Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. A graduate of the Jefferson College of Health Sciences and Liberty University, Lee is also a graduate student within Virginia Tech’s Center for Public Administration and Policy. A paramedic since 1993, he is active as an officer and mentor with Longshop-McCoy Fire Rescue in rural Montgomery County, Virginia.He continues to work extensively as an author, instructor, and speaker on public safety and EMS topics. Prior to joining Virginia Tech, Lee developed NASCAR’s award-winning Track Services Advance Training Program during an eight-year tenure as their training manager and track services coordinator. Previously published works include MedEMT: A Learning System for Prehospital Care and Training You:  Managing the Corporate Training Function.

Twitter: @lwatson1689

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