Four easy steps to authoring/creating your Kona course-specific product:

STEP 1:  Consult with a Kona Editor

The Editors at Kona Publishing are the best listeners, critical thinkers and problem solvers in the higher education publishing industry.  We will consult with you as long as it takes to ensure that we fully understand your vision for the course.  While we may offer suggestions and feedback about your ideas, our mission is not to “sell” you on one solution versus another or “push” you into customizing our content. Our goal is to listen to and understand your needs and the needs of your students and prescribe the best possible course-specific solution at the most affordable price to students. Unlike many publishers, you will work with the same editorial team throughout the entire publishing process and throughout the life of your project. 

STEP 2:  Determine the type of project and the parameters of the project

Your editor will work with you to help define the type of project you are creating:

  • Primary text
  • Supplemental Text
  • Laboratory Manual
  • Workbook/Study Guide
  • Reader/Anthology
  • Ebook
  • Digital Learning Solution

Next, your editor will assist in establishing basic parameters of the project

  • Number chapters and pages (estimates)?
  • Use of borrowed materials (permissions)?
  • Aesthetic vision for the product (cover/interior ideas and needs, color/design elements, size of product)?
  • Timeline for manuscript creation?

STEP 3:  Manuscript/Product Development

Your Kona Developmental Editor will assist you in refining your concept and developing your content during the early stages of the writing process.  If you need assistance in completing your manuscript, your editor will work with you on securing copyright permissions and/or identifying a co-author who shares your same vision.  Whether your vision is to write a text or create a digital learning solution, our editors will offer instructional design support and consulting throughout the manuscript/product development process.

STEP 4:  Production and Delivery

Once your manuscript has been completed, your editor will work closely with you to ensure that copyediting, interior design/layout, and cover design meets your approval.  For digital products, your editor will ensure that you are pleased with the design, features, and functionalities of the product.  Once products are completed and inspected, they will be available for sale through our website, local and national bookstores, and a variety of online sites (ie Amazon).

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