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Human Biology Laboratory Manual is a guide designed to help students learn and expand their fundamental knowledge of the human organ systems as well as the basic principles of biology. The laboratory activities are in sequence with and complementary to the material students learn in lecture.  Homework at the end of each laboratory is designed for a student to review, synthesize and apply the knowledge they have learned in class.

Table of Contents

Lab 1: Metric System and Microscope

Lab 2:  Biologically Important Molecules

Lab 3:  Cell Structure and Function

Lab 4:  Catalyst and Enzyme Activities:  An Invitro Investigation

Lab 5:  Organs, Tissues, Cells and Body Directional Terms

Lab 6:  Cell Life Cycle:  Mitosis and Meiosis

Lab 7:  Pattern of Inheritance

Lab 8:  Solve Genetics Problems

Lab 9:  DNA and Biotechnology

Lab 10:  Fetal Pig Dissection I

Lab 11:  Fetal Pig Dissection II

Special Notes


About the Author(s): Jianyu Jenny Zheng

Dr. Jianyu Jenny Zheng is a Professor in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Division at Naugatuck Valley Community College in Waterbury, Connecticut. Dr. Zheng is a native from China. She did an undergraduate degree in Genetics at Nankai University in Tianjin, China. Then she obtained a Ph.D. in Biology from Hiroshima University in Japan with the support of Japanese Government Scholarship. After spending four years at Nankai University in China as a Professor, she continued her training in molecular genetics at Yale University School of Medicine, first as a postdoctoral research associate then scientist.   After that, Dr. Zheng took an instructor position at the University of Connecticut Health Center studying aging and human metabolic diseases. Currently, Dr. Zheng teaches Human Biology and Introduction to Biology and is the course leader for Human Biology and The Principles of the Human Body. Dr. Zheng has a passion for teaching and enjoys practicing Taichi in her spare time.

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