Doetkott et al

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  • For the first time in 70 years, a text that covers the history of public speaking, in theory and in practice, from the Ancient Greeks to the present, but from the "other side," the neglected conversing approach, which effectively reduces stage fright.  
  • Written by highly experienced classroom teachers and backed up by their own student exemplars and a vast number of online examples of effective public speaking, including the authors' own speeches, a rarity in the academy.
  • Describes in detail the success of the authors' NewCom101, a fifteen year experiment, considered at the time to be the toughest beginning speech course in the country.  In NewCom, students spoke freestanding for up to seven minutes (without notes) while always facing 50 to 150 of their peers. Using the conversing approach, students reduced their self-responded stage fright by one-third on the average, year after year.  NewCom also became one of the most popular courses on the authors' campus.

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