Calin Agut, Ioana Agut

ISBN-13: 978-1-935987-78-9

# pages: 625


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The intent of Prestatistics is to prepare a student for Statistics by offering fundamental conceptual mathematical support accompanied by a variety of examples and exercises.

For the work contained in the following pages, the authors reflected upon their didactical, methodical and mathematical experiences and their belief that teachers need a solid and substantial base for constructive development of a college-preparation course.

The student can easily find all the elements regarding a specific topic, including the approach, the definition and the immediate applications of a concept. This work also offers plenty of examples which can be followed in order to solve the proposed exercises.

The text is structured on Parts. Each of the Parts presents an important topic that prepares a student to gain understanding and to approach and find the elements of statistics in a mathematical way.

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