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White’s 12 Components of Composition is a practical guide to best practice in the fundamentals of writing. Throughout this text, students will be given examples of how to approach different types of essays as well as good writing suggestions for any type of writing they may have to do. This text is written in a conversational tone that students will easily understand and be able to apply to their everyday lives.

"Students need textbooks and tools that will reach them at their level.  This text is one of those items that will reach them and give them the necessary skills to advance on through their education endeavors.  The examples and practice this text provides will be invaluable to students."

-Duane Doyle, Ed.D., Professor of Mathematics


"White’s book is honest and engaging! You feel as if you are in conversation with her the entire book. Practical must have advice for any student!”

-Ashley Buchman, Ed.D., Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Arkansas State University-Newport


Table of Contents

COMPONENT #1   You Already Talk: Make It Formal and
                       Write It Down                                                 1

COMPONENT #2   You Should Put Your Thoughts Into
                       Words Immediately                                       9

COMPONENT #3   You: An Effective Start                        17

COMPONENT #4   You Should Consider the Audience   23

COMPONENT #5   You Cannot Disavow Emotions          29

COMPONENT #6   You Can Only Talk About What You Know             37

COMPONENT #7   You Must Use Time Effectively           43

COMPONENT #8   You Can Miscommunicate: Be Specific         51

COMPONENT #9   You Must Deal with Interference        59

COMPONENT #10 You Can Experience Anxiety              67

COMPONENT #11 You Must Think Before You Write      75

COMPONENT #12 If It Is That Important, Put Some Thought
                       Into It                                                     81

                       Sample Essays                                    95


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About the Author(s): L. M. White

Overcoming the struggles of being a first generation college student, Lori Michelle White Hutton has taught both high school level and college level English for the past twenty-two years. Her goal has always been teaching since the age of six. Her life is full of supportive people who are always pushing her to be her best. She is a native of Oklahoma who loves to spend time with her family. Her husband and three amazing children keep her on her toes and constantly reaching for more!



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