Kona Publishing & Media Group recognizes that not every professor or instructor has the desire or inclination to author a text or create a digital product for the national or international marketplace.  However, the feedback our editors have received from instructors and students around the country suggests that you and your students may benefit from creating a Kona course-specific product. 

Does this sound familiar?

  • Instructors, on average, only cover 60% of the topics in most textbooks (6 chapters out of 10).
  • Prices of traditional textbooks are outrageous (many texts are now approaching $200).
  • Instructors feel they have to design course objectives around the textbook or supplement the text with handouts or other products.
  • Online components that accompany traditional textbooks are often cumbersome to use, poorly developed, irrelevant to the course, or simply provide little value to the overall learning experience of the students.
  • Many professors/instructors surveyed have a unique teaching methodology or philosophy and have difficulty identifying traditional products that meets their need.

If your experience with traditional textbooks has been similar to those listed above, we believe you should consider creating a course specific product with Kona Publishing & Media Group.

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