Authors often complain that the final product produced by some publishers either compromised their initial vision or did not capture their vision at all because the publisher wanted to expand the market potential.  We believe the strategy of “being all things to all people” in an effort to sell more products is flawed because it dilutes the vision of the author.  As a result, the publisher introduces a generic, unimaginative product and “forces” it to market.  Could this be part of the reason why many 1st editions never make it to a 2nd edition with traditional publishers?

Kona Editors will not compromise the vision of our authors.  We do the necessary research up front, before committing to our authors, to ensure the market size is sufficient.  We pride ourselves in creating products that are more unique and distinctive than the generic products created by traditional publishers.  Kona recognizes that we are a society of niches and that the “one size fits all” approach will not enable publishers or authors to achieve success in the future.


We believe you will find the professionals at Kona Publishing & Media Group to be one of the most talented, creative, and service-oriented teams in the Higher Education publishing industry today.  Our editorial, production and marketing teams have decades of Higher Education publishing experience and are driven by developing products, whether print or digital, that are engaging, unique and affordable.  We are proud of the fact that we are one of the few privately held publishing firms left in an industry dominated by corporate giants.  We treat our business as a craft and take great pride in ensuring that the authors who create our products, instructors who teach with our products and the students who use our products have an outstanding experience.


The professionals at Kona Publishing & Media Group promise work closely with you throughout the publishing process to ensure that your text or digital learning solution is created and delivered on time, in quality, and at a price that is affordable to students.  We recognize that unless we are a customer centric organization, we will not be successful.


As our publishing partner, authors who publish for the national or international marketplace earn royalties when their products are adopted or customized.  Many authors donate their royalties to academic departments, philanthropies or student scholarships while other authors choose to use their royalties to fund research trips or to attend academic conferences. 

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