Diane Louise Johnson

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·         Introduction to the Archaic and Classical Literature of Ancient Greece

·         Included in the text are selections of epic, lyric and dramatic poetry in English translation, as well as historical, rhetorical and philosophical prose passages

·         Each chapter includes an explanatory introduction to the texts


Table of Contents

THE GREEK LITERARY HERITAGE 1The Greeks and their World 2The Greek Language: Continuity Across the Centuries 5GreekÐáéäåé´áand the Muses 9The Philological Approach to Literature 15How Ancient, Medieval, and Early-Modern Greek Texts Survived 16For Further Discussion 21For Further Reading 21

Glossary 22

 THE ARCHAIC EPIC TRADITION:HESIOD, THE MUSES, & THE DIDACTIC EPIC 23Hesiod and the Muses 24The Theogony 28The Works and Days 56For Further Discussion 80For Further Reading 83

Glossary 84

 HOMER & THE AGE OF HEROES 85Homer and Hesiod 86Homer and the Age of the Heroes: The Ancientand the Modern Views 96Homer’s Greek Community 101Selections from The Iliad 107For Further Discussion 206For Further Reading 208Glossary 208FM.indd iii 25/10/10 3:57 PM

iv Table of Contents

 THE HOMERIC HYMNS 209Yìíïé in the Greek World 210Selections from The Homeric Hymns 211For Further Discussion 221For Further Reading 221

Glossary 221

 POETS AND POETRY IN THEARCHAIC PERIOD: 650–480 BCE 223An Introduction to the Poets and Poetry of the Archaic Period 224Selections from the Archaic Greek Monodists 234Selections from the Archaic Greek Choral Lyricists 252For Further Discussion:Ðáéäåé´áand the Archaic Poets 263For Further Reading 264

Glossary 265

 HERODOTOS: THE FIRST GREEKHISTORIAN 267Herodotos and His Histories 268Selections from The Histories 269For Further Discussion 292For Further Reading 292

Glossary 293

 THE THEATER OF CLASSICALATHENS: TRAGEDY, SATYR PLAY, AND COMEDY 295Drama in the Athenian Community 296Ðáéäåé´áand the Attic Drama 305Lives of the Athenian Dramatists 310Selected Plays of Aiskhylos, Sophokles, Euripides,and Aristophanes 315For Further Discussion 472For Further Reading 472Glossary 473FM.indd iv 25/10/10 3:57 PM

Table of Contents v

 THE RISE OF THE ARTOF RHETORIC AT ATHENS 475Rhetoric, Athens, and the Foundation of a Hellenic Empire 476Selections from Isokrates and Plato 478For Further Discussion 542For Further Reading 542

Glossary 542

 MENANDROS & GREEKNEW COMEDY 543Menandros 544For Further Discussion 571

For Further Reading 571

About the Author(s): Diane Louise Johnson

Diane Louise Johnson is an Associate Professor of Latin, Greek and Classical Studies at Western Washington University.  She holds graduate degrees in Classics from the University of Washington and the University of British Columbia.  Her field of research is the Greek literature of late antiquity and the humanist reception of the Greek classics.

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