Kona Publishing & Media Group partners with talented, innovative and highly accomplished authors, professors, and instructors to create and deliver superior print and digital products to the Higher Education classroom.  Our main objectives are to:

Listen to You

Effectively listen to and fully comprehend your vision, as an author or instructor, and to ensure that the products we produce accurately capture that vision.

Provide Creative Solutions

Ensure that instructors who adopt or customize Kona products are provided with quality course materials and learning solutions that parallel their course objectives and pedagogy.

Enhance and Improve Student Learning

Enrich and enhance the overall learning experience of students by providing them with products that are engaging, interactive, thought provoking, and affordable.

Let You Choose The Content Delivery Method

Distribute quality content to instructors and students in the media that is most suitable to their teaching and learning needs (Printed texts, Ebooks, educational websites, mobile devices, etc.).

Provide You With Outstanding Service

The professionals at Kona Publishing & Media Group promise to work closely with you throughout the publishing process to ensure that your text or digital learning solution is created and delivered on time, in quality, and at a price that is affordable to students.

We recognize that in order for us to be successful, we must dedicate ourselves to establishing long lasting publishing relationships with authors who create our products, instructors who adopt our products and students who use our products.

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