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Just how unreliable is Wikipedia? Should you trust a website that
has such high Google rankings, or should you heed the media celebrities
that decry its inaccuracies? Clay-foot Titan examines the
strengths and weaknesses of Wikipedia, the world’s largest, most
comprehensive encyclopedia. It shows users how to evaluate the
quality of individual articles and offers a thoughtful set of recommendations
for the encyclopedia’s improvement. The book also
asks whether professionals and students should avoid Wikipedia
because of its legendary mistakes or take ownership of it. Author
Lynn Hamilton, a university professor and veteran Wikipedia
editor, offers many ideas for making worthwhile contributions to
the project.

Table of Contents

I. How Wikipedia became the world’s encyclopedia
II. Anyone can edit: Experiment in democracy or anarchy?
III. Neutral or neutered? An examination of Wikipedia’s neutrality pillar
IV. Notable Me: An examination of Wikipedia’s notability policy
V. So few women editors
VI. Wikipedia and the intellectual: a direct challenge
VII. The student contributor
VIII. Building an article step by step: The case of “Gone Girl (novel)”
IX. Agenda for improvement


About the Author(s): Lynn Hamilton

Dr. Lynn Hamilton is an associate professor of English at the University
of Pikeville in Kentucky. Her writing has been published
in E, the Environmental Magazine, Troika, BookPage, Grit, Art
Papers, and on Her first-person column “Nothing
Sacred” won the National Federation of Press Women’s at-large
communications contest twice.

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