Andrew W. Edwards

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This is a text that presents several theories of human development and human behavior in the context of the social environment with application for social workers in direct service. The book includes selected issues and strategies for social work intervention. However, the theoretical material is put in the context of families experiencing stress. Rather than using short vignettes, the author uses case studies that have sufficient detail to allow the students to compare various theoretical schemes and allow for discussion of the social dynamics related to family systems.

One unique aspect of this text is that it was designed to serve as a supplement for multiple courses in a social work curriculum. It integrates human behavior theories with issues that are related to social work practice. Ethnic diversity, sexual identity and orientation as well as spirituality are integrated into the theoretical schema as well as the case studies. The integration of human development and human behavior theories with social work practice concepts and principles will help the student view the curriculum as well as the clients’ issues in a holistic integrative manner.

Table of Contents


Chapter One:  Panoramic View of Contemporary American
Families: Implications for Life Span Development

Chapter Two:   A Historical Overview of Divorce in America

Chapter Three:   An Eclectic View of Human Development and Social
Environmental Issues Which Impact Family Stress
and Divorce

Chapter Four:   The Divorce Process: A Family System Experiencing
Emotional Crisis

Chapter Five:   Religious and Spiritual Issues: Impact on Identity,
Self-Worth, Family Stress, and Divorce Trauma

Chapter Six:   Ethnic and Cultural Issues That Impact Family Stress
and Divorce

Chapter Seven:   Sexuality and Gender Identity Issues Which May
Be Related to Family Stress and Divorce

Chapter Eight:   Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Confusion
as a Response to Family Stress and Divorce Trauma

Chapter Nine:   A Social Work Generalist Approach for Holistic
Recovery After Divorce Trauma

Chapter Ten:   Selected Therapeutic Approaches for Families
Experiencing Stress and Social, Emotional Dysfunction


Special Notes

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About the Author(s): Andrew W. Edwards

Dr. Andrew Edwards earned his B.A. degree at William Jewell College, in Liberty, Missouri. His major was sociology. His master of social work (MSW) degree was earned at The University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare. His Ph.D. was earned at Kansas State University, College of Education. His academic concentration was teaching social science in higher education.

Dr. Edwards has social work experience with youth, families, communities and faith-based social service organizations. He has published over 20 articles or chapters in scholarly journals, monographs, and books. He has made numerous scholarly research presentations at regional and national forums.

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