Crane et al

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# pages: 345


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  • Student reviewed—more than 2/3 rated as better than their current text
  •  Students said they could stick with the reading better because of the conversational style and the humor in the text
  • Students said that concepts were explained better than in their other texts
  • Students said the exercises and practice questions were fun and allowed them to have the hands-on practice with concepts they wanted
  •  Written specifically for the millennial reader
  • Uses a research-confirmed approach that appeals to the learning style of millennials
  •  Rigorous coverage of concepts, principles, theories and analytical tools
  • One-to-one mapping of chapters, concepts, principles, and theories to the most popular texts (Solomon, Grewal Levy and Tanner)...with more coverage on analytical tools and more exercises
  • Practitioner perspectives; all examples and illustrations taken from actual practice
  • Challenging practice questions at the end of each chapter
  • Laptop interface allows student to take notes, highlight, and bookmark the text
  • Students can access the web while reading to see applications of the text’s concepts, research examples, use tools and work through exercises
  • Instructors are provided with AACSB Student Learning Objectives and Assurance of Learning standards, instructional notes and classroom exercises and projects
  •  Very affordable price...about half the price of most Marketing texts

Table of Contents

About the Author(s): Crane et al

Donna L. Crane

Donna Crane is Senior Lecturer with The Johns Hopkins University where she teaches marketing in The Whiting School of Engineering’s Center for Leadership Education. She has also taught marketing at Northern Kentucky University.  Professor Crane has taught Principles of Marketing, Services Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing Management and Strategic Pricing to both undergraduate and graduate students. Prior to joining academe, Professor Crane was a practicing economist with National Economic Research Associates and a marketing executive with GE. She frequently serves as a consultant to global Fortune 50 companies. She has testified before Congress, has been a columnist for USA Today, and is the author of a novel and several short stories. Professor Crane holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from The Pennsylvania State University and an M.A. in International Economics from The American University. 

Matthew D. Shank

Matt Shank was appointed President of Marymount University in July 2011. Formerly, he was Dean of the School of Business Administration at The University of Dayton and Professor of Marketing.  Dr. Shank came to the University of Dayton from Northern Kentucky University where he spent seventeen years as a member of the faculty and Chair of the Department of Marketing and Management.   Dr. Shank was also an American Council for Education Fellow at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Shank is the author of Prentice Hall’s Sports Marketing: A Strategic Perspective which is in its 5th edition. He has served as a consultant to more than 50 companies in a variety of businesses, including sports. Dean Shank holds a B.S. in Psychology from The University of Wyoming and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology from The University of Missouri at St. Louis.

Doris M. Shaw

Doris Shaw is Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Marketing at Northern Kentucky University’s Haile/US Bank College of Business. She was also awarded the College’s prestigious Fellowship for Public Engagement for 2011-2013.  Dr. Shaw has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in marketing, including Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management, Professional Selling and Sales Management.  Dr. Shaw has also taught marketing at Kent State University, Malone College and The University of Akron. Prior to joining academe, Dr. Shaw held marketing positions with AT&T, IBM and Andersen Consulting. Dr. Shaw holds a B.B.A. in Operations Analysis from The University of Toledo, an MBA in Management from Baldwin-Wallace College and a Ph.D. in Business from Kent State University.

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