Jeff Carr, Susan Swanson

ISBN-13: 978-1-935987-58-1

# pages: 374


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Jeff Carr and Susan Swanson have done the impossible by writing a textbook that students will actually want to read!   This book is filled with pop culture references and lighthearted humor that students born in the 1990s will understand and appreciate.  While most writing textbooks currently on the market are written by academics for academics, this work is designed specifically for college students.  As a result, today’s freshmen writers will find this book informative and entertaining, and they will simultaneously sharpen their writing skills significantly.


One of the problems in freshmen writing textbooks is that they are usually written in a language that is at times too difficult to understand or retain.  Whenever possible, The Student’s Guide to College Writing strips away the jargon and pretentions found in most textbooks that ultimately confuse freshmen writers.  With its short but purposeful chapters and its simple, down-to-earth language that makes sense to students, this text will make learning the important skill of writing easier than ever before.


This textbook has been written specifically for college students and, at times, by college students.  All of the example essays featured in this text have been written by freshmen writers majoring in a variety of disciplines.  Their works cover an array of topics relevant to today’s college student, and they serve as models for how to compose in the various rhetorical modes.  Students will find reading essays written by their peers accessible, practical, and enjoyable.


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available June 2014

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74available June 2014

About the Author(s): Jeff Carr

Jeff Carr joined the faculty at Indiana State University in the fall of 2011 after previously teaching at Vincennes University and Western Kentucky University, where he also earned his M.A. in literature in 2006.  He primarily teaches a variety of composition courses at ISU, and those experiences inspired him to compose this textbook.  He also has research interests such as Mark Twain, William Faulkner, American Modernism, class and gender studies, and classic film.  In additional to his teaching and critical pursuits, he also dabbles in creative writing.  When he cannot be found on campus – very rare moments indeed – you will find him at a concert somewhere.  He has seen well over 100 artists live, including the Rolling Stones, U2, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, and …wait for it…Lady Gaga!

Susan Swanson is an Associate Professor of English at Owensboro Community and Technical College in Owensboro, Kentucky.  She earned her master’s degree in rhetoric and composition at Western Kentucky University in 2007.  When she isn’t teaching composition and Introduction to Women’s Literature, Susan spends her time traveling—abroad, if possible—cooking new and occasionally delicious recipes, trying to learn more about wine, and attempting to become a runner.  

Special Student Contributor

Rachael Dixon is a student at Indiana State University, and she is from Henryville, Indiana.  She enrolled in Jeff Carr’s English 107 Rhetoric and Writing class for honors credit in the fall of 2013, which is how she became involved in this project.  In addition to contributing her essay “The Five Positions of Ballet,” she assisted in the creation of discussion questions for several of the student essays and proved to be a great asset in the creation of this book. 

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