Richard Morris

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The Science Behind Self-Help

Health education has always focused on identifying health risks and teaching behavior modification. Since very few people are randomly ready to change their behavior, Your Choice, Your Health changes the narrative.

This book focuses on helping individuals arrive at their own conclusions, and feel confident and knowledgeable about how to make better decisions. Risk factors will be identified and discussed, but this book moves forward to prepare the reader for action. The goals of this author are discussion and understanding the concepts of achieving self-efficacy, practicing mindfulness, and focusing on internalizing your health locus of control.

Each chapter of this book will present evidence-based facts on a topic, but in a positive, responsible manner that promotes self-awareness and the power of personal control. 

Today’s student looks up answers online. Mom’s got breast cancer? Two clicks and her son reads about every cure available. To make an informed decision, a student must learn to pay attention with purpose and without judgment, John Kubat-Zinn’s definition of mindfulness. Accept that there are different perspectives, and understand the importance of a professional opinion when making important decisions. Seeing alternatives and then making a clear choice based on understanding the consequences empowers an individual to feel better regarding personal health. 


Chapter opening stories engage students in their own experiences. These stories come from Dr. Morris’s background in thirty-five years of health education, athletic coaching, and professional boating and scuba diving.

“Your Choice” boxes give easy-to-follow steps for health behavioral change. Each box will contain coping skills that will give the reader the confidence to act.

“You Should Know” features share important consumer alerts. These boxes will give the reader important information about products, marketing, and even laws to help feel more empowered when making a decision.

Your Choice, Your Health offers a groundbreaking approach to health education!

Table of Contents

Preface                                                                         vii

Foreword                                                                      ix

About the Author                                                        xi


EMOTIONAL HEALTH                                      25

STRESS MANAGEMENT                                  53

THE IMMUNE SYSTEM                                    75

THE SPIRITUAL DIMENSION                           99

THE SOCIAL DIMENSION                              115

ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS                                133

EATING HEALTHFULLY                                 145

PHYSICAL FITNESS                                       199

HEART DISEASE                                            201


About the Author(s): Richard Morris

Dr. Morris is the Director of Health Education at Rollins College, where he has been teaching since 1990. He earned his Doctorate of Education from the University of Central Florida in 1997, specializing in Exercise Physiology. Dr. Morris holds a Master’s degree in secondary Health and Physical Education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (1983), and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education from Temple University (1977). He has been certified to teach Health and Physical Education K–12 in four states.

Dr. Morris’s areas of interest for research are: Lactic acid kinetics and weightlessness, and Locus of Control as a paradigm for health education. Dr. Morris is a former scuba instructor who is still actively diving, and he holds a USCG captain’s rating. He has coached sailing and swimming at three colleges, and served as the head swimming coach at Rollins for 25 years, retiring from that position in 2016.

Rich is married to Lisa Morris. They have two children and three grandchildren. He resides in Orlando, Florida.

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